Girl Survives 5th-Floor Drop After Landing On Shop Sign

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A young girl who fell from a 5th-floor window has survived the near-fatal plunge to the ground after landing inside a shop sign light box.

The tot, who is believed to be around two to three years old, is seen in grainy CCTV footage hanging from the window of her home in the city of Jinhua in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province.

The security video dated 17th May shows the girl no longer able to hold on and falling down the side of the building.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

She reportedly landed inside the illuminated shop sign above a ground-floor hardware store, alerting nearby witnesses.

Policeman Lu ke and his partner Huang Weibiao were handling the aftermath of a minor traffic accident when they reported hearing a loud “crash”.

Investigating what they believed was falling debris, the pair later found the young girl lying injured inside the shop sign.

Rescue footage shows them rescuing the girl from below by carrying her out of the illuminated light box, after which she was taken to hospital.

According to Jinhua police, the girl suffered a broken left arm and numerous other soft-tissue injuries from the fall.

However, she is not in any life-threatening condition despite the five-storey plunge.

The child remains in treatment and is accompanied by her parents and other family members.

The accident is still under investigation and it is unclear whether she had been left at home.

In mainland China, it is illegal to leave minors unattended at home, with guardians liable to punishment if their children come to any harm as a result.

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