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Girl, 17, Found Alive In Boyfriends Coal Bin After 19 Days Missing

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

This 17-year-old girl has been found alive hidden in her boyfriend’s coal bin after she was reported missing 19 days before.

Buse Demirbilek, from the city of Mugla in the south-western Turkish province of the same name, left her home at around 7.30pm on 19th August, telling her parents: “I am just going to the market.”

However, the teen was never seen again and her fate remained a mystery until earlier this week when she was found after 19 days.

Buse Demirbilek, 17, who was missing for 19 days and was found in her boyfriend’s coal bunker in Mugla, Turkey on 7th September 2021. (Newsflash)

When she failed to return home from the market, her parents, Savas Demirbilek, 60, and Semra Demirbilek, 59, reported her as missing and told the police that her boyfriend kidnapped her, filing a complaint against him.

The boyfriend, Sinan Ozdemir, 19, was brought in for questioning on 20th August and was later released after telling the police he did not know where his girlfriend was.

However, during the investigation, the police learned that the suspect made a number of phone calls to Buse and was detained again on 31st August.

Sinan Ozdemir, 19, who hid his girlfriend Buse Demirbilek, 17, in their coal bunker in Mugla, Turkey. (Newsflash)

He appeared before the public prosecutor’s office and was released with judicial restrictions including a travel ban.

From the suspect’s phone, the police were able to establish that the victim was in the area of her boyfriend’s home before her disappearance and a search of the property was ordered.

During the raid, the police found Buse in the coal bin, according to the news site Haberler.

Sinan Ozdemir,19, shared a picture with his girlfriend, Buse Demirbilek, 17, on which he wrote: ‘I find the way in your eyes’, in Mugla, Turkey. (@_busedemirbilekk/Newsflash)

The suspect’s family, identified as father T.O., mother A.O., and brother Y.O. have also been detained in connection with the teen’s abduction.

According to the news site Mugla Yenigun, the suspect’s family was released after their statements were taken.

The investigation is ongoing.