Ghost Park Swing Moves By Itself As Others Remain Still

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Video Credit: CEN/Cristian Juarez Giovanelli

This is the moment a school headmaster visits a ‘paranormal park’ and films a middle swing moving by itself as the two either side of it remain completely still after students told him about it.

The school head, named Cristian Juarez, visited the park after students repeatedly told him about the ‘haunted’ swing.

The incident was filmed in San Nicolas Partido in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires as the sceptical headmaster went to check on the students’ claims.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/Cristian Juarez Giovanelli

According to local media, some students have to cross through the park on their way to school every day and first noticed the spooky swing several days ago.

The initially thought that it was the wind, but realised that only one swing moved day after day.

The frightened students told their headmaster about the paranormal park and he went down to take a look for himself.

Juarez said: “When I arrived here, I was shocked to see the swing moving. It was just how the students described.

“I was always sceptical, but now I do not have a logical explanation. Students have spoken about a lost soul in the park for a while, but as I do not believe in the supernatural, I did not want to listen to them.”

Netizen ‘Martina Monzon’ said: “Send a priest there to bless the swing. I think the ghost is a little boy.”

‘Marianc Xaraxi’ commented: “I have seen it myself and it is not a nice situation. An unforgettable experience!”

‘Francisco Nicolas Neselis’ wrote: “This happens when water runs underneath.”

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