Ghost Of Child Killer Woman Spotted Crying For Kids

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN

This is the a moment a long-haired ‘paranormal’ female figure dressed in white – which locals claim is the ghost of a child killer – is spotted crying for her victims near a graveyard.

The footage was taken by villagers in the area of La Esmeralda, in the municipality of Arauquita, in the eastern Colombian department of Arauca.

They said they believed it represented La Llorona, the ghost of a woman reported to be cursed to roam the world endlessly looking for her children that she had killed during a moment of madness.

Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/Canal1

After drowning them in a river, she instantly regretted what she had done and now spends eternity crying as she travels the world trying to find them.

Villagers of La Esmeralda said the latest appearance of the apparition occurred shortly after midnight just over a week ago, when she was spotted by a group of men on the way home from the pub. 

One of the men, Pedro Villareal, said that although he and the six other men with him was scared, they had decided to follow and also filmed the footage. 

They described her as having long dark hair that covered her face, with a kind of white tunic and she was slowly stumbling along

They said the figure had then stopped by the grave of a child, and then when it turned to look at them, it had been too much and they had screamed and ran off. 

He said: “She had hair that looked as if it had been not washed in a long time. When I looked more closely I suddenly realise that she was wearing black, and then I realise she had no feet and appeared to be floating over the ground.

“We were very scared even when we first saw her, but we did not run away. When we got to the cemetery was set around hundred metres away even though she was calling us.”

He said that when she looked at them and had been too much and had then ran off.

Villagers claimed that they have never seen her before although they have heard that the apparition usually only appears at night, usually during a full moon. They also said that although not seeing her they had heard her crying in the past. 

They did not explain why the video they claimed to have taken appears to show the stumbling apparition with long hair suddenly vanishing at one point.