GF Slams BF Buying Her 400-GBP LV Purse Not Chanel

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

This netizen has set tongues wagging after complaining that her boyfriend only bought her a 400-GBP Louis Vitton purse for her birthday instead of a Chanel one.

In an online rant, she also moaned that her other half only gives her 286 GBP a month to spend as she wants.

The complaints were made in a rant made on the ‘NUSWhispers’ Facebook page based in the city-state of Singapore where users are encouraged to “share interesting stories” or “get something off their chests” anonymously.

In the post, a woman says she just needs to rant before writing: “Recently my boyfriend bought me a Louis Vuitton wallet which costs around 700 SGD (400 GBP) for my birthday. When I saw the wallet, I felt really upset and disappointed.

“Because earlier this year, my sister’s bf got her a Chanel wallet which costs at least 1,000 SGD (572 GBP) for her birthday. Chanel is so much nicer than LV. Let’s be honest, LV is for poor people who want to look rich.(sic)”

The woman goes on to complain that during coronavirus lockdown her sister’s boyfriend has been ordering from “popular restaurants” while her own lover only orders food from cheap restaurants.

She adds: “Her bf even gives her 1,000 SGD (572 GBP) a month for her own spending. But my bf only gives me 500 SGD (286 GBP) a month. I hate to admit but I really feel very jealous of my sister because her bf is willing to spend money on her despite earning just 4,000 SGD (2,290 GBP) a month.

“My bf earns at least 5,000 SGD (2,863 GBP) and yet he is so stingy with me. Sometimes I really feel like a loser.(sic)”

The woman goes on to suggest her sister’s boyfriend treats her better because “she is taller and slimmer,” finishing with “it’s so unfair”.

Netizens were quick to slam her for the rant, with Jason Chee writing: “The only thing right in this whole article is ‘sometimes I feel like a loser’. Yes u are a loser lol.(sic)”

‘Soh Poh Neo’ added: “I really have a very good laugh over this girl. Do you know, carry top real branded (eg top end of Chanel) is not that simple. You must have the CLASS to use it. BTW, do you know what is CLASS? Based on your write up, you don’t even have the class to use a LV. You should find a sugar daddy…that fit you very well. (sic)”

And ‘Debbie Simpson Ong’ wrote: “Do you love him for his contribution or do you actually love him? If you love him for his contribution, then the difference between you and a night lady is wholesale and retail. (sic)”

‘Robin Durain’ wrote: “I would be offended if a boyfriend gave me an allowance. I earn my own money. The best gifts I ever got were ones that showed someone really listened or observed not expensive crap.”

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