Germanys Hottest Cop Seeking New Love

Story By: Michael Leidig, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Germany’s hottest cop has set tongues wagging by starting a new life as a single girl after separating from her boyfriend of 10 years.

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Picture Credits: CEN/@adrienne_koleszar & CEN / Instagram

Adrienne Koleszar, a 34-year-old police officer who keeps the streets of Dresden in the eastern German state of Saxony safe, has 557,000 followers on Instagram.

She revealed that she had separated from her boyfriend Stephen, 33, and has now taken the next step by moving into a new apartment.

The picture shows her looking thoughtful in the room with cardboard boxes and a vacuum cleaner in the background.

She wrote in a message accompanying the picture: “A beginning like it was years ago. The furniture is here. A moment of stillness. What shall I say? It isn’t simple, even if it seems like it.”

She also adds that it was a decision she should have taken a year ago, but added: “I was not brave enough. But sometimes things are difficult. Sometimes things are painful. And I’m only human, with mistakes. Uncertainties. Fears. Inexperienced and so on. But this feels right. It feels really right.”

The hot cop became a sensation, annoying her bosses for posting saucy snaps of her well-trained body in gym wear and skimpy bikinis while holidaying herself in sun-kissed locations.

Koleszar, who weighs 65 kilogrammes (10.2 stone), and is 1.73 metres (5 feet 6 inches) tall, attracted widespread attention because of her day job as a police officer.

At one point they gave her an ultimatum after becoming increasingly unhappy with her online exploits.

But in the end Koleszar, a police commissioner who earns a salary of 2,700 EUR (2,405 GBP) a month, was allowed to carry on working after returning from six months of unpaid leave.

Michael Leidig

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