Germans Scream For Bizarre Chocolate-Sausage Ice Cream

Story By: Koen Berghuis, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A barmy ice cream parlour is causing a flurry after creating a bizarre chocolate and German bratwurst sausage flavour treat using a machine from communist East Germany.

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Picture Credits: CEN/Elkes Eiszeit & CEN

The beloved German sausage was given a new lease of life at ‘Elkes Eiszeit’, an ice cream shop in the village of Gamstaedt in the German state of Thuringia which is owned by 64-year-old Elke Gerhardt.

A newspaper food critic has hailed the savoury scoop, saying in her column: “The small pieces of minced meat and chocolate are a taste explosion.”

As the region’s Thuringer Rostbratwurst (Thuringian sausage) is a culinary treat known throughout the country, Elke decided to create a sweet version of the meaty snack.

Elke explained that the recipe contains roasted sausages minced with caraway seeds and mustard. After adding sugar, milk and cacao she then makes an ice cream out of it.

Elke said: “Every season I create up to 60 new flavours.

“Anything interesting I see while shopping ends up in my good old ice-making machine from the former communist bloc of East Germany.”

Other bizarre flavours include German wheat beer, sauerkraut, blue cheese and pickled mustard.

Visitors who wish to try the unique flavours can do so for just 0.60 EUR (0.52 GBP) per scoop.

According to diehard parlour punters, the sausage creation is absolutely delicious.

Netizen ‘Lisa Kraemer’ wrote: “I can only confirm that the bratwurst ice cream is deliciously yummy.”

A food critic from one of Germany’s biggest dailies described the flavour as “sweet and creamy which really tastes like sausage”.

Reviewer Melanie Fischer added: “You can taste the lightly roasted aroma. The small pieces of minced meat and chocolate are a taste explosion.”

However, she admitted that “you have to be a fan of it” and that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

According to Elke the most popular ice crime flavour is not the sausage-chocolate combo, but another bizarre mix.

She said: “My red onion and apple ice is another big hit at the moment.”

Koen Berghuis

Editor of DACHS / Benelux desk for Central European News, roving correspondent with a penchant for travel, culture, geopolitics, history and the in-depth story behind the headlines.

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