German Influencer Says Worst Xmas Ever After Brit Dad Kidnapped Son, 2, And Took Him To Thailand

This German influencer and tattoo artist is fighting to bring her little boy back home after his English dad kidnapped him and took him to Thailand.

Anika Ball, 30, has been fighting for three months to bring little Logan, 2, back home from Thailand, where the boy’s dad took him after taking him out of the country, which was classed as kidnapping, as it was done without the mother’s permission.

The influencer hails from the town of Duelmen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and met Dale S., full surname not reported due to strict local privacy laws, in November 2017.

Anika Ball, 30, influencer and tattoo model, from Dulmen, Germany, claims her son Logan, pictured together, was kidnaped by his father Dale S. and taken to Thailand. (Newsflash)

Dale, now 37, was living in Duelmen at the time and was scraping a living by working odd jobs.

The two quickly became a couple and were active on their YouTube channel ‘Hellcatany’, which boasted 37,500 subscribers at the time of writing.

On the channel, they shared intimate aspects of their life with their fans, including the moment Anika told her then-partner she was pregnant.

There’s a fire truck for two-year-old Logan under the Christmas tree of Anika Ball, 30, from Dulmen, Germany. (Newsflash)

They got married on the beach in Thailand on Christmas Eve 2019, and had a registry office ceremony in Wales.

However, they later went on to separate after their marriage hit the rocks, and Dale would later be relegated to seeing his son only at weekends.

The heavily-inked Anika recalled that fateful September morning when she found out her son had been taken away from her.

Logan’s father Dale S. in a bar in Thailand. (Newsflash)

She told German daily Bild: “I was waiting for them in front of the daycare centre on Monday morning.”

She then checked her phone and got a huge shock. “That’s when I discovered an email from my ex in which he wrote that he had taken Logan to Thailand.”

Anika hired a private detective, who tracked Dale down to an unnamed bar in Thailand. She also filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office, which is now investigating the father.

Logan, the kidnapped boy at the pool in Thailand. (Newsflash)

She told Bild: “This is the worst Christmas of my life.” She also revealed she had not only spent all of her savings but also borrowed money from friends to pay for lawyers and the detective.

She said she now needs more money to fight the legal battle to bring her young son back home. She told Bild: “I urgently need money so that I can have my boy back with me very soon.”