Gang Nicked 3.2m GBP Yacht, Tried To Flog It In Turkey

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The Spanish authorities have arrested eight people for stealing a 3.2-million GBP luxury yacht from a Majorcan port in April before reportedly trying to sell it in Turkey.

The vessel, named ‘Funny’ and worth 3.5 million EUR (3.2 million GBP), was stolen from Palma de Majorca in the eastern Spanish region of the Balearic Islands in April 2019.

The local authorities alerted Europol and Interpol and the yacht was first spotted in Corinth in Greece and then later in the Turkish harbour of Gulluk, according to reports.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

After informing the Turkish authorities that the yacht was stolen, officials checked the vessel and arrested four people on board.

The suspects, three Turkish and one Russian, were found with fake documents while the boat’s name, flag and registration had all been changed, according to reports.

The yacht was sent back to Palma de Majorca where investigators found signs of damage, missing items and broken nautical instruments valued at over 20,000 EUR (18.5 million GBP).

According to local media, three further suspects from Spain, Germany and Portugal were arrested in Majorca while a Hungarian national was detained in Torrevella in the south-eastern Spanish province of Alicante.

Meanwhile, the cops seized documents, computers, phones and two drones which they believe were used by the suspects to study the vessels before stealing them.

The organised gang is believed to have sold on the yachts, stolen from various ports in the Balearic Islands, to international clients for bargain prices, but always up to a million EUR per vessel.

The investigation is ongoing.

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