Fur From Home: Arctic Seal Pup Ends Up In South Iceland

Story By:  Lee BullenSub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News 

This adorable Arctic seal pup has been rescued far from home in southern Iceland after it was found alone and showing signs of malnutrition and exhaustion.

The ringed seal (Pusa hispida) was reportedly spotted behaving strangely at the port of Njardvik in the south-western Icelandic town of the same name.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lss.abending

The weary pup was taken to the Reykjavik Park and Zoo in the south-western capital of Reykjavik where it was examined by vets who said it was severely malnourished, and suffering from an eye infection, according to reports.

It was here that the pup was identified as a ringed seal, the smallest and most common seal species found in the Arctic.

Reykjavik Park and Zoo spokesperson Thorkell Heidarsson said: “The ringed seal is a polar species that follows the ice edge around the Arctic, including north of Iceland.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lss.abending

“It’s therefore clear that this pup is far south of its natural habitat.”

Heidarsson added: “On the other hand, it’s well known that young ringed seals go wandering and are found along Iceland’s coast, but usually in the north.”

The cute pup is reportedly under a year old and has lost a lot of weight since the weight it should have had when it was weaned, according to the zoo.

Heidarsson said that zoo staff are doing everything they can to fatten the mammal up.

Once the seal pup has fully recovered, it will be released back into the wild, according to local media.

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