Frenchman Claims He Found Rodent In His Coca Cola Can

Story ByJoseph GolderSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

A Frenchman has claimed he found this rodent in his Coca Cola can but he only noticed it when he was about to throw it away after drinking it all.

According to French newspaper Le Parisien, the man, named as Damien, 34, only noticed the rodent’s paw sticking out when he had drunk the whole can and was about to throw it out. 

He says turned it upside down and was shocked to see the tiny paw sticking out the opening of the can.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

According to local media, the soft drink did not taste strange and did not have a weird texture. He said he turned it upside down to empty out the last drops “so it wouldn’t pour into the bin.”

He added: “And then I noticed it wasn’t empty.”

He said he then realised to his horror that the Coke can was heavy not because of the liquid but because of the rodent’s corpse allegedly stuck inside it.

Damien said: “I immediately called Coca Cola and gave them a good talking to.”

He said that after the call he then got a letter from the company saying that it was impossible that the rodent could have come from their production chain because they have “total security.”

Damien told Le Parisien that he also went to the police but was told to “find solutions on the internet.”

He said Coca Cola sent him a bag in which to put the can so he could send it to them to be analysed, but he declined to. He said: “Out of the question. As soon as I send them it, I have no more proof.”

Since then, the canned rodent is reportedly hidden away in his freezer, triple wrapped.

For Damien, there are two explanations: “Either the mouse was in the can when the coke was poured in. Or it was in the batch of cola and the liquid was then poured into the can.”

According to local media, Coca Cola have refuted both theories, saying that its cans are “systematically turned upside down and rinsed with powerful sprays, and they are constantly being monitored to guarantee perfect hygiene.”

They added: “We are waiting to receive certain elements from the consumer so we can proceed with our investigation. It is currently impossible for us to determine the veracity of the information.”

In the meantime, Damien was apparently compensated with a voucher – for a pack of Coke.