French Champ Who Bit Head Off Live Chicken Escapes Jail

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport


Video Credit: Golders

The French world champion who was filmed biting off the head of a live rooster has avoided jail and been sentenced to 80 days of community service for the disturbing act.

Current Basque Pelota World Champion Bixente Larralde, 22, was seen biting off a rooster’s head with his mouth as others watched in Hasparren located in south-western France in June of this year which angered many people.

The French animal rights foundation Brigitte Bardot reportedly sued the Basque Pelota player after the images became public for the “pure violence against animals” calling his enjoyment of the incident “cruel and sadistic” in a statement issued by the foundation.

Picture Credit: Golders

Initial reports had indicated the champion faced a 30,000-EUR (26,000-GBP) fine and two years in prison if found guilty.

Local media report Larralde plead guilty on Friday 25th October in a court in Bayonne, a city located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in southwestern France where the sentence was given.

The Spanish animal rights party Animals Rights Party Against Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA) issued a statement condemning the sentence saying: “An unfair and insufficient sanction: condemned to 80 days of community service for biting off the head of a living rooster.

“It is necessary to increase the punishments so that the mistreatment and murdering of defenceless animals do not come so cheap.”

In the video, he is seen putting the rooster’s head in his mouth as it moves around in his arms.

The pelota champion then grips the chicken tightly, clenches his jaws and pulls until the rooster’s head is severed from the animal’s body.

Bixente then opens his mouth to drop the rooster’s head from his mouth and smiles at the camera as onlookers laugh and yell.

The video has generated outrage among netizens, with ‘HeliopolisPride’ writing: “What a disgusting person, my God… Someone should do that to his balls”

While ‘MariaVe80135496’ said: “It is incredible what Bixente Larralde has done. He is sick and I think he needs help. He deserves to be expelled from the team immediately”

And ‘Aurora_bettan’ said: “I cannot watch it but to that uni-neuron Basque pelota champion I hope that life gives him that cruelty back multiplied by 1,000”.

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