Four People Die In Greek Grotto Searching For Treasure

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Four treasure hunters have died after climbing into this cave thought to have been a hideout for Nazis in World War II in search of hidden loot.

The four men, aged between 36 and 72, were reportedly gassed by fumes from a motorised generator they had put inside the cave to provide them with light.

The bodies were found by rescuers at the Karbunari cave near the seaside resort of Loutraki in the Peloponnese region of southern Greece after one of their wives called the emergency services.


Local media report the four men were searching for hidden treasure including gold coins in the caves which were used by the Germans in World War II.

Twenty-one rescuers from the Special Disaster Management Unit were sent to the scene and they eventually pulled the bodies of the four men from the caves along with a power generator and an explosive device.

The bodies were taken to Corinth Hospital to undergo an autopsy, with reports stating the men are believed to have died from asphyxiation from the fumes of the generator.


One of the victims has been identified only by his initials as L.Th, 36, and another as SP., 35.

The results of the autopsy are yet to be released and rescuers who found the bodies said they observed no landslides in or near the cave.

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Alex Cope

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