Football Thugs Break Journos Jaw In Brutal Beating

Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder,Agency: Golder’s News And Sport

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Picture Credit: Golders/Twitter

These are the shocking images of a sports journalist who was left with four fractures to his jaw and a broken bone in his face after he being brutally beaten by football hooligans.

Argentine Journalist Sebastian Acosta was reportedly beaten by thugs from the Racing Club Avellaneda ‘barra brava’ group of thus called ‘La Guardia Imperial’ (The Imperial Guard) as he left the Radio Citrica studios in the city of Avellaneda in the province of Buenos Aires.

Acosta was attacked by the thugs and ended up suffering a quadruple fracture to his jaw and a broken nasal septum, according to reports.

The journalist required surgery and shocking images show the extent of the injuries he received.

Local media report Acosta was targeted because of his links with La Guarda Imperial’s rival Racing gang the ‘Racing Stones’.

Acosta was reportedly a member of the Racing Stones 10 years ago before leaving the group to focus on his journalism career.

The radio host, who has been the voice behind the ‘Racing XXII’ programme on FM 88.5 for several years, is said to have angered La Guardia Imperial by hinting that they were not giving tickets to their official members so they could sell them for cash on the black market.

A police investigation into the case has been launched and no arrests have been reports.

Racing Club are the current Argentine champions, finishing this season four points ahead of Defensa y Justicia.

Barra bravas are organised groups of supporters of football teams in Latin America. Their behaviour has been likened to European ultras and hooligan firms. 

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