FOOL OF DUTY: Russian Blogger Seized For TikTok Parody Of Russian Soldier

A blogger has been seized by police in Moscow after he filmed a parody of a Russian solider fighting in Ukraine on TikTok.

Moldovan blogger Nikolai Lebedev, 21, – known to fans as Nekoglay – was arrested in the Russian capital as reported on 9th November.

The arrest followed Nekoglay’s joke post of a Russian soldier under attack from Ukrainian drones dropping grenades.

In the video, the soldier can be seen discarding a grenade dropped from a Ukrainian drone while lying in trench warfare.

The footage appears to show a genuine clip of a soldier in a trench quickly throwing away an enemy grenade before it explodes.

It is followed by Nekoglay wearing a flak jacket and devil horns pretending to get rid of a grenade dropped on him.

Bizarrely, in the background Boney M’s pop hit ‘Rasputin’ can be heard playing.

After the parody spread through social media networks, Ekaterina Mizulina from the Safe Internet League accused Nekoglay of discrediting the Russian Army.

The Safe Internet League is reportedly the largest and most reputable Russian organization fighting dangerous internet content.

Mizulina additionally stated that she will file a complaint at the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Russian blogger Nikolai Lebedev poses in Russia in undated photo. He was detained for making a parody TikTok video for the Russian solider. (@nekogow/CEN)

Following her statements, the blogger who boasts more than 9.5 million followers, explained that it was not his intention to offend or humiliate the military with his videos.

But two days after the video was published online, police raided his home and demanded his ID.

When he failed to provide them with a valid passport, they reportedly detained him for violating Russia’s immigration laws.

Russian blogger Nikolai Lebedev portrays a Russian soldier who catches and hurls away grenades dropped on him by a Ukrainian drone in Ukraine on his TikTok page in Russia in undated footage. Russian blogger Nikolai Lebedev was detained for making a parody TikTok video for the Russian solider. (Nikolai Lebedev/CEN)

After his arrest, authorities initiated an investigation for irregular entry and stay in the Russian Federation against the Moldovan national under Article 18.8 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

The blogger is facing deportation back to his home country if found guilty.

The investigations continue.