Fog Makes It Impossible To Watch Serbian League Match

Story By: Ana MarjanovicSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency:  Golder’s News And Sport

These are the startling weather conditions two Serbian top-flight clubs were forced to play in after incredibly thick fog covered the pitch making it difficult to see.

The images were captured during yesterday’s (Sunday) match in the Serbian Super Liga in Vozdovac’s 2-1 victory over Javor at the Ivanjica Stadium in the municipality of Ivanjica located in the Moravica District in western Serbia.

Picture Credit: Golders

The pictures show the thick fog which covered the entire pitch lowering visibility massively. Players wearing white and blue kits can barely be seen through the fog as they play through the unfavourable conditions.

Vozdovac posted the pictures on their social media accounts. One of the pictures was captioned: “There is something going on, but I do not know what.”

Another was captioned: “Something going on in front of Vozdovac’s goal, the spectators sigh, but I do not know what is going on.”

Picture Credit: Golders

Local media report the first half ended 1-1 d and normal weather conditions, however, the fog set in by the second half and was so thick defenders could not see their team’s attackers.

Vozdovac centre-forward Marko Gjorgievski scored the second goal for the club in the 59th minute securing their victory.

Local media report the fog was so thick cameras only captured the celebration of the visiting players as the goal was not seen by most people because of the fog.

Vozdovac are 6th with 35 points while Javor are 11th with 20.

Picture Credit: Golders

A netizen commented that a similar event happened in a First Division match between Chelsea and Charlton in 1937 after thick fog settled on the pitch forcing the match to be cancelled.

Charlton’s goalkeeper Sam Bartram guarded the goal for 15 minutes before realising that everyone else had left the pitch.

Bartram wrote in his biography: “After a long time, a figure loomed out of the curtain of fog in front of me.

“It was a policeman, and he gaped at me incredulously. ‘What on earth are you doing here?’ he gasped. ‘The game was stopped a quarter of an hour ago. The field’s completely empty’.

“And when I groped my way to the dressing-room, the rest of the Charlton team, already out of the bath and in their civvies, were convulsed with laughter.”

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