Fluffy Puppy Found With Shocking Gaping Neck Wound

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/@sakhalin.info

Russian police are looking for the cruel culprits who caused a gaping neck wound on the neck of this fluffy little puppy.

The poor pooch was found in the town of Poronaysk in the south-eastern Russian region of Sakhalin Oblast after a large section of its neck fur was ‘scalped’ by unknown perpetrators.

Luckily, the puppy was found by a local animal activist who immediately took it round to a nearby vet.

The unnamed woman said that she was feeding strays in town when she noticed the small black puppy hanging its head.

When she saw the gaping neck wound, she rescued the animal and took it to the vets.

Picture Credit: CEN/@sakhalin.info

The vet reportedly confirmed that the wound was not the result of an accident, and was caused by human involvement.

After the treatment is completed, the puppy, named Umka for now, will be put up for adoption.

However, for now the female pup is on a course of antibiotics and needs its bandages changed every day.

The local authorities are investigating the incident.

Netizen ‘Paranaysk’ said: “The people who did that to a baby animal have nothing human about them. I really do not understand this level of cruelty. Luckily, there are still decent folk around.”

‘RabotyagaYa’ commented: “How can you do something like that to such a cute ball of fluff? Words fail me…”

Picture Credit: CEN/@sakhalin.info

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