Fluffy Kitten Rescued By Cops Is An Online Hit

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Even the tough cops in a Berlin police station admitted feeling soft around this fluffy kitten they found abandoned in the city – and the adorable moggie has since become an online hit.

And after posting the images online showing one of the tough cops softly cradling the kitten in his arms, it seems social media users agree after they were widely shared online.

Please share the images together with a message saying: “Ball of wool sized kitten that also looks like a ball of wall, and curls itself up into a ball.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@polizeiberlin

They also posted to images of the cute little cat that this had been found on the Lindenstrasse in the German capital’s Kreuzberg area.

And although it didn’t need describing, they appealed for help in finding the owners of the small grey fluffy kitten with kinked ears that are typical of the Scottish Fold breed.

Picture Credit: CEN/@polizeiberlin

They assumed that the cat was mislaid somehow as they doubted that it would have been simply abandoned. However the kitten was not chipped, and while the owners are sought has been put in a local animal shelter.

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