Fluffy Flamingos Chicks Takes First Bath

These four fluffy baby flamingos chicks are seen taking their first bath since they hatched.

The adorable sight of the newborn chicks was captured in a video recorded at the Pafos Zoo in the city of Paphos, Cyprus and the footage was posted by the park staff on 14th June.

Pafos Zoo shared the video on the Facebook platform with the following message: “Baby flamingos are learning their way around the water”.

Flamingo birds have long, slender legs, but differ in colour from pale pink to light red, which is due to bacteria in the water and beta-carotene in crustaceans such as live shrimp.

They become sexually mature at about six years old and mating takes place in the water and the nests are built of mud, small stones, straw and feathers usually 6 weeks before the eggs are laid.

In general, females lay a single egg and the chicks hatch after 27-31 days.