Fleeing Suspect Runs Over Police Officer With Lorry

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a policeman trying to stop a suspect fleeing in a lorry is knocked to the ground and run over by the huge vehicle.

Officer Guo Sai and his partner had tried to flag down the suspect surnamed Bai for a routine traffic inspection in the city of Shenzhou, which is in Hengshui City in North China’s Hebei Province.

However, Bai refused to stop his heavy goods vehicle, forcing the officers to chase them through the city.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Footage taken by witnesses during the 30th May pursuit shows a single police car swerving back and forth in front of the lorry in a bid to stop it.

But the suspect turns left and right during his continuous attempts to evade capture, and he does not stop driving even when both officers leave their squad car to make an attempt on foot.

In the video, the officers can be seen banging on the driver’s side door and window, but Guo is knocked to the ground and driven over by both the lorry’s front and back wheels.

The motorist filming from his car shouts in shock as the clip shows the lorry continuing to flee, with Guo’s partner caught between giving chase and helping his colleague.

Guo’s life was prioritised and he was taken to the Third Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University for treatment.

The Traffic Police Detachment of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau said Guo was in stable condition, while details of his injuries have not been disclosed.

The authorities said the suspect Bai was captured 90 minutes later in the neighbouring county of Raoyang.

Cops say he has admitted to evading justice.

He was trying to flee because he did not have a licence and because his lorry was illegally modified and had not been taken for mandatory annual inspections, the police added.

Further investigations are ongoing.

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