Five-Year-Old’s Face Cut And Bloodied In Pit Bull Attack

This poor lad was left with his face covered in bites and blood after a pit bull broke into the family home and attacked him.

Picture shows the injury on Lucas Santos de Moura, 5, undated. A pit bull ran from its house invaded several houses attacked a dog and the boy, in Goianesia, Brazil, on Saturday, March, 4, 2023. (Newsflash)

The dangerous dog reportedly broke into several homes in the municipality of Goianesia in the Brazilian state of Goias on 4th March.

According to reports, the pit bull injured a dog in one house before breaking into another house and biting another, small dog multiple times.

The second pooch did not survive the attack.

Then, it broke into a third home, where it came across five-year-old Lucas Santos de Moura as he played on the living-room floor.

His mum, Edilene Antonia Santos, told local media: “It happened very quickly, and when I saw the pitbull’s jaws, they were already on my son’s face, who was screaming and crying desperately.

“I jumped on the dog and managed to remove it, and I told Lucas to run.”

Despite halting the attack, little Lucas received several bites on his face and neck.

He was taken to a local hospital, treated, and then discharged to recover at home.

Manicurist Edilene, 46, said: “Afterwards, the neighbour came to my house and offered help, but now it’s me who has to take care of my son so he can recover.

“I need to give him attention and be strong.”

It turned out that the pit bull was owned by a local woman, who had popped out and left both her front door and the gate unlocked.

Edilene told local media: “I still can’t sleep properly when I remember my son’s face in the dog’s mouth, and the moment I managed to remove it won’t leave my mind.

“My son is very shaken and can’t sleep.”