Five Males Arrested After They Gang Raped Girl, 11, And Threw Her To Her Death Off Cliff

Two adult males and three teenage boys have been arrested for gang raping an 11-year-old girl before throwing her to her death off a cliff.

The girl’s uncle is one of the arrested men, and he is said to have raped the girl since she was five years old.

The victim has been named as Raissa da Silva Cabreira of the Guarani-Kaiowa indigenous tribe.

The crime took place in the Dourados Indigenous Reserve in the Brazilian municipality of the same name, close to the border with Paraguay, on the afternoon of Tuesday, 10th August.

The five suspects were swiftly apprehended, with the two adults being named as Elinho Arelavo, 33, who is the girl’s uncle, and Leandro Pinoza, 20.

The minors have not been named, but their ages were given as 16, 14 and 13.

The police believe the crime was premeditated, and they say that two of the teenagers had been drinking alcohol with the victim at her residence before they forcibly took her to the quarry.

They then plied her with more alcohol and sexually abused her several times along with the other suspects.

According to the suspects, the victim screamed for help and ended up fainting.

When she regained consciousness, she started to struggle with her attackers, who threw her off the 20-metre- (66-ft-) tall cliff.

According to the police, she was alive at the time and tried to grab hold of the rocks, causing her arms to break.

The post-mortem report confirmed she had been raped and highlighted lacerations to her genital organs.

The five suspects will answer to charges of aggravated homicide, femicide and statutory rape.