Five Dead After Out-Of-Control Lorry Smashes Into Cars Stopped At Traffic Lights In Indonesia

This is the deadly moment an out-of-control lorry smashes into stopped cars and bikes waiting at traffic lights in Indonesia, sending people and debris flying in all directions and killing five.

The incident took place in the city of Balikpapan, which is the capital of East Kalimantan, a province in eastern Borneo, in Indonesia, on the morning of Friday, 21st January, at around 6.15am.

The footage shows a large group of cars, vans and bikes waiting at some traffic lights. The out-of-control lorry can be seen approaching the stopped vehicles at speed before it crashes into them.

A lorry crashes into cars waiting at a red light, in Balikpapan, Indonesia, on 21st January. (Newsflash )

It goes through all of the vehicles and out the other side as people and debris go flying in all directions.

The CCTV footage was shared online, where it quickly made the rounds. The authorities responded to the incident and stated that five people had died, with many more injured, who are currently being treated in hospital. The identities of the dead and injured have not yet been revealed.

East Kalimantan Police’s Traffic Directorate Chief Sony Irawan said that they are still investigating and there may be further fatalities.

A lorry crashes into cars waiting at a red light, in Balikpapan, Indonesia, on 21st January. (Newsflash )

They said that for the time being, five people were killed and four were badly injured in the crash.

The driver, who has been named only as M. A., 47, was arrested and is currently in police custody. The lorry was reportedly carrying 20 tonnes of water-purifying lime at the time. The driver claimed that he attempted to slow down when he approached the intersection, but the brakes failed.

The driver is still being questioned by the authorities, but no charges had been filed against him at the time of writing.