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Firemen Use Small Chainsaw To Remove Handcuffs After Sex Game Gone Wrong

Police officers and firefighters had to use a small chainsaw to free a man from handcuffs after an amorous adventure with his missus went wrong.

Officials said the 31-year-old from Untermenzing, a sub-district of Munich, the capital of the German state of Bavaria, turned up at a police station on Puchheimer Strasse, a road in the city’s Moosach district.

The individual refused to disclose any details except from stating that the handcuffs had been put on him by a woman in a bedroom – and that he consented to it. He did not give any information on why they had not been taken off.

Police removing the handcuffs from a man, in Munich, Germany, in February, 2022. (@polizeimuenchen/Newsflash)

A police officer managed to free one of the man’s wrists with a matching key provided by the man himself.

But to get the second cuff off him, officers had to call in firefighters from the local fire department.

A plastic strip was applied to the man’s wrist to prevent him from getting injured before a fireman carefully removed the handcuff with a small handheld chainsaw.

Munich Police received a number critical comments for posting a photo of the operation on social media.

Munich, Germany, where police removed the handcuffs from a man. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

‘Nils Gerster’ wrote: “I disagree with making people look foolish, even anonymously. We don’t know exactly what happened, and the affected person might feel ashamed. Please keep this in consideration next time.”

And ‘Roland Ertl’ agreed, writing: “Why don’t you leave such posts to tabloid papers? Think about how that man must feel seeing your post. Your editorial team should reconsider its actions.”

Other users were less critical, however, with ‘Martina P. Patzelt’ commenting: “That’s just hilarious – finally something to chuckle about. Your local police – always here to serve and protect, even in situations like this.”

And ‘Eric Fischer’, apparently aware that Valentine’s Day was approaching, wrote: “He’s not the first, and he ain’t gonna be the last, that’s for sure.”