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Fireman Dumps Traffic Victim On Ground Outside A And E

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a clumsy fireman wheels a road accident victim into A and E on a stretcher and topples the man onto the tarmac.

The incident took place at the Hospital Jose Rufino Vivase in the municipality of Dagua in the western Colombian department of Valle del Cauca following a nearby road accident.

After the man arrived to hospital by ambulance, firefighters who attended the accident site helped him onto a stretcher.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

On his way into A&E, only one fireman was wheeling the stretcher and it toppled over, sending the injured patient tumbling onto the tarmac.

The patient, whose name has not been disclosed, was reportedly unhurt and was taken into A&E immediately after falling out of the stretcher.

A fire brigade spokesperson said: “The person is in a good condition with no serious injuries and he was released shortly after being admitted.”

The spokesperson also supported the firefighters in the video and announced new measures to ensure that this kind of accident does not happen in the future.

The statement added: “We will keep working to improve our service with love and full commitment.”

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