Fireball As Drunk Creep Sets Bike Petrol Tank On Fire

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a drunk man tries to touch a female petrol station attendant but when he reaches towards her she slaps him away and spills petrol all over the motorbike before he inexplicably sets the vehicle alight.

The drunk passenger surnamed Liu, 25, is seen pulling into the petrol station on the back of his cousin’s motorcycle on 23rd July.

The female staff member in Qujing City’s Qilin District, which is in south-western China’s Yunnan Province, goes to fill up the bike’s fuel tank, CCTV video shows.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Liu tries to flirt with her and attempts to touch her face, but the attendant bats his hand away, spilling petrol over the motorcycle.

The reportedly drunken Liu then pulls out his lighter and inexplicably lights his cousin’s bike on fire, with the contents of the fuel tank exploding into a giant fireball.

The attendant, who claimed Liu and his cousin “stood by and watched”, can be seen in distress before leaving to fetch fire extinguishers.

Liu’s cousin later helps put out the fire using an extinguisher, and the stunt fortunately led to no injuries or larger fires.

Local police said Liu was arrested on arson charges.

He told the authorities he was drunk and “doesn’t remember how it happened”.

Liu remains in detention, but it is unclear what punishment he has received.

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