Film About Prison Guard Who Freed Asylum Seeker Lover

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The story of a female prison guard who fell in love with a rapist asylum seeker and helped him escape is to be turned into a film.

Angela Magdici, 34, fled with her asylum seeker lover Hassan Kiko, 29, to Italy where they were on the run for several few weeks before being caught after they ran out of cash, and were returned to Switzerland.

Hassan was given an extra six months on the existing sentence he has for rape, while she was given a 15-month suspended sentence and walked from court a free woman.

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Local media and legal observers had expected a sentence of “a couple of years” in prison, and now after TV appearances and extensive coverage in local media her law firm has confirmed that a feature film, as well as a documentary about the love affair, are being produced.

No details were given of the two productions which were first reported by local radio energy Zurich quoting Magdici’s lawyer. The documentary is expected to air first, followed by the feature film and it was not revealed whether this will be shown in cinemas or television first.

The couple had just 1,400 CHF (1,115 GBP) when Magdici freed Kiko on 9th February 2016 with the court giving her a lighter sentence by saying they accepted it was a spur of the moment decision. 

Once in Italy they posted loving photos of themselves kissing online before they were eventually tracked down and arrested towards the end of March 2016.

Syrian national Kiko was serving four years behind bars for the brutal rape of a 15-year-old girl before he escaped with the help of Magdici, and he still has at least another two years in jail if he remains on good behaviour.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

The former hairdresser insisted the girl he raped had pretended to be 19 and said she had “wanted sex” but the jury did not believe his story.

Magdici told the court she first met Kiko in jail and developed feelings for him which “turned out to be love” but said the pair did not have sex while he was an inmate.

The couple have since married in a prison ceremony after she divorced her husband, changing her name to Angela Kiko according to local media.

Angela’s estranged husband Vasile Magdici told judges how he first suspected his wife was cheating on him because she started to “learn the Quran and started acting strangely”.

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