FIGHT CLUB: Teacher’s Assistant Got Kids To Beat Each Other So He Could Film Them For Social Media

A young man employed as a classroom assistant has been arrested after encouraging the kids to fight so he could film them and post the footage on social media.

Ettson Arreola, 20, poses in an undated photo. According to the police, Ettson allegedly forced students to fight in the classroom, filmed it, and uploaded the videos on social media. (Caldwell Police Department/Newsflash)

Ettson Arreola, 20, was employed to supervise the kids at the Syringa Middle School in the city of Caldwell, in the US state of Idaho.

Caldwell’s chief of police Rex Ingram said he was shocked when he heard that the assistant had started a “fight club” in the school where he had been trusted to look after the children.

He said in a statement Newsflash obtained from Caldwell Police Department: “Mr. Arreola’s actions tear at the fabric of our community and are reprehensible.

“The video(s) is appalling, disturbing and unimaginable.

“This man was entrusted by his community to keep our children safe and provide academic education but he chose to facilitate a fight club in his classroom.”

A spokesperson for the Caldwell Police Department, Char Jackson, confirmed that the suspect was facing charges of causing injury to a child, inciting a riot and encouraging a minor to fight.

He said: “During these incidents, Mr. Arreola encouraged the students to fight and even video recorded the fight on an electronic device, which was later shared on social media.”

The full-time classroom aide was asked to provide cover on Thursday, 26th January, when he encouraged some of the students, two males and two females, to fight.

Picture shows Syringa Middle School, located in Caldwell, Idaho, undated. Ettson Arreola, who works there, allegedly forced students to fight in the classroom, filmed it, and uploaded the videos on social media. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

They were given a 10-second timer in which to have the conflict so Arreola could film it before stepping in and stopping it.

One of the students apparently suffered a knee injury as a result of the fights.

When the head teacher was made aware, the police were contacted, and Arreola was arrested.

Dr French, Superintendent at Caldwell School District, is quoted in the statement as saying: “The Caldwell School District has zero tolerance for this type of behavior.

“The personal safety and welfare of each child is of paramount concern to the District.

“The District has taken immediate steps to ensure the safety of all students. We are providing support for the students involved and are actively cooperating with law enforcement.”