Ferrari Door Ripped Off As Driver Tries To Hop Out

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Video Credit: CEN/@autotehnicamagazine

This is the moment a 237,000-GBP Ferrari has its door ripped clean off when its non-owner driver tries to get out just as another vehicle is passing.

The startling scenes were recorded in the Romanian capital Bucharest as workers were preparing to load the red Ferrari, believed to be a 458 Challenge, onto a flatbed lorry.

In the video, the driver, who has not been named but was reportedly one of the workers, can be seen manoeuvring the vehicle, worth a reported 237,000 GBP, down a narrow street.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

He lines up the vehicle on the side reportedly behind the lorry and brings it to a halt.

However, he then opens the door without looking behind him just as a white Mazda is passing.

The Mazda driver cannot come to a stop in time and crashes straight into the door, ripping it off its hinges and one of the loading crew and can be seen facepalming as he looks on.

Ferrari 458 Challenges are not legal for use on the roads, which explains the lack of licence plates on the car in the clip.

The price of the damage done to the car is unclear but local media report the worker who was driving it at the time will have to cover the costs.

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