Female Rapper Shocks With Nude Plastic Surgery Snaps

Story By: Koen Berghuis, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A famous female rapper who used to be a crack-addicted prostitute has shocked fans by sharing images of her breasts and bum enlargement surgery.

Picture Credits: CEN

Polish-German rap artist Schwesta Ewa, real name Ewa Malanda, allowed plastic surgeon Dr Ali Reza Samary to record the whole procedure.

The 34-year-old musician, who rose to fame in Germany when she was discovered by rapper Xatar, wanted to get rid of some post-pregnancy weight as well as enhance her boobs and bottom.

According to reports, Dr Samary in the city of Dusseldorf in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia carried out the cosmetic procedures.

Graphic images show naked Schwesta Ewa on the operating table with just her nipples and genitals covered up.

According to the rap star, Dr Samary sucked fat from her stomach and transplanted it into her boobs and bottom.

Dr Samary said: “She wanted extreme results, as much as possible had to go into her breasts and buttocks.

“She had plenty of unwanted fat deposits after pregnancy like many women, but she has very good skin, no stretch marks at all.”

Schwesta Ewa said that the operation was a complete success.

She added: “Being curvy is the big thing at the moment.

“I think that a beautiful, curvy woman with a beautiful, shapely bum looks great. They are the most beautiful beings in the world and I want to look like that.”

However, Schwesta Ewa, who is the mother of a baby daughter, will not be able to enjoy her cosmetically-enhanced body in freedom for long as she has to serve a prison sentence of two-and-a-half years.

She was convicted of 35 counts of GBH, tax evasion and the sexual exploitation of underage girls who she reportedly tricked into prostitution.

According to local media, it is not yet known when she will begin serving her prison sentence.

Schwesta Ewa brought her underage fans to hotel rooms where she offered them money to buy clothes or rent a flat. When they were unable to pay her back, she put them to work in red light districts.

Prosecutors were unable to prove charges of pimping and human trafficking as the girls were said to have acted of their own free will.

Schwesta Ewa, who has been described as ‘Germany’s scandalous rapper’ by local media, once worked as a prostitute to escape the poverty she was raised in, according to reports.

She confessed that she was addicted to crack at the time, which has also had deteriorating effects on her body.