Female Cops Grab Onto Man Jumping From Bridge

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment two female cops grab a suicidal man’s arms to stop him falling after he hops over the railings on a bridge.

The startling incident occurred on the East River Bridge in the city of Huizhou in China’s Guangdong Province after two female traffic officers, named as Sun Jiao and Zhu Ruohuan found a man sat in the bicycle lane on the busy bridge.

In the video, the two officers can be seen standing behind the man, identified in reports as Mr.Wu, 33, when he throws his bag and mobile phone off the bridge as he walks down the bicycle lane.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

He then takes off his coat and casually throws it off the bridge before stopping to tie his shoelaces.

The two cops ride their motorbikes up behind Mr. Wu. He then suddenly hops over the railings of the bridge and the officers rush to grab his arms to stop him from falling to his death.

The female cops can be seen using their feet to steady themselves as they grab onto the suicidal man by the arms to stop him from falling.

Passersby and another police officer in a car then come to help the female officers and Mr. Wu is hauled to safety and led towards the patrol vehicle.

Local media report he was taken to the East Bridge police station where he told officers he wanted to commit suicide because of pressure from his family.

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