Faulty Power Bank Torches Students Bed As She Sleeps

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These images show the burnt bed sheets and melted power bank of a university student whose bed caught fire as she slept and it was not even plugged in.

University student Zhao Li, from the city of Foshan in South China’s Guangdong Province, said the model OM10 power bank made by Chinese technology firm Romoss set fire to her bed and clothing in the early hours of 4th November.

Later the same day, Romoss, based in tech hub Shenzhen, announced a recall of two OM10 batches – affecting 3,792 units – manufactured between 1st and 20th June 2018, and 15th and 17th April 2019.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

A Romoss spokesperson said it was still unclear whether Ms Zhao’s unit would have been among the recalled batches.

The third-year university student, who said the 10,000 mAh power bank was not in use at the time, told local media: “It happened around 3am, just before 4am. I was woken by burning.

“My roommate noticed my bed on fire, so I quickly jumped out of bed as the flames grew bigger.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

“She poured two basins of water over it before the fire went out.

“The power bank was fully charged, but it wasn’t plugged in to anything when it caught fire.

“I wasn’t badly burned, but my clothes were charred. I have one or two blisters. Nothing serious.

“My clothes, blanket and pillow were burned.”

Images shared online showed the charred power bank having all but melted on her bed.

Ms Zhao, who said she purchased the power bank for a discounted 49 RMB (5.3 GBP), added: “I’m never using another power bank again. I hope I manage to forget this experience.”

Both the student and the Romoss spokesperson revealed that an agreement had been signed between the two parties on the day of the incident.

However, the nature and content of the document were still unclear.

The office for defective products under the State Administration For Market Regulation said the Romoss recall was for a fire risk resulting from a suspected manufacturing defect.

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