Fan Killed By Police Lorry And Cops Pull Hit And Run

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport


This is the shocking moment a football fan is run over and killed by a police lorry before bystanders desperately try to save his life with CPR as they scream “he’s dying”.

The fatal accident took place in the Chilean capital Santiago on Tuesday 28th February but the video has only recently showing the moment football fan Jorge Mora, 37, is killed after being hit by a police lorry.


The incident happened shortly after top-flight Chilean side CSD Colo-Colo’s 3-0 victory over CD Palestino in the Primer Division at the Estadio Monumental David Arellano when violence broke out in the immediate vicinities of the stadium.

The videos show the moment a large green and white lorry turns a corner and violently hits someone with the left side of its bonnet. The victim, named as Mora, is seen being thrown several feet from the impact.


The lorry continues to drive on and the person filming is heard yelling, seemingly shocked by the incident, and saying: “You son of a b*tch! He killed him, the son of a b*tch!” as he runs towards the victim.

In another video, Mora can be seen lying still on the ground as bystanders are heard desperately yelling “he’s dying, man! He’s dying! Cover him!” apparently trying to protect him from the police hose which was spraying rioters.

A man runs towards the group with his arms extended seemingly trying to protect Mora from the water as several others are seen waving at the police apparently asking them to stop.

Mora is seen unconscious as a person performs CPR on him and checks his pulse before continuing to perform the procedure.

A shirtless man kneeling next to Mora is heard saying: “Get that car to take him, man!” before the person filming is heard yelling at the police as the video ends.

Mora died some hours later at a nearby hospital. The incident caused a resurgence of the violent protests which led Chile to declare a state of emergency in October of last year.

A reported five people were killed in the 72 hours following the incident, however, there have been no further reports on fatalities.

Local media report the lorry belonged to the ‘Carabineros de Chile’ who are the Chilean national police force and was transporting police horses.

It is unclear what instigated the rioting at the stadium or if Mora was participating in it.

Local media report an administrative investigation into the incident is expected to be launched.

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