Fan Catches Fish In Flooded Area Behind Goal

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Golder’s News And Sport

Video Credit: Golders/@_baietto

This is the bizarre moment a fan catches a live fish in a flooded area behind one of the goals in an Italian football stadium.

The startling incident occurred during an Italian Serie D match between Reggio Audace and Modena at the Mapei Stadium – Citta del Tricolore in the city of Reggio Emilia.

In the video, rain can be seen pouring into a sunken area behind one of the goals which has flooded.

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Picture Credits: Golders

One fan has a makeshift fishing road and he lowers the hook into the water.

The fishing fan then seemingly feels a strike and yanks the rod into the air to reveal an apparently live fish flapping on the end.

Other fans cheer as the fish flaps in the air and the fisherman then works to free it from the hook with the pitch visible in the background.

Reggio Audace and Modena are local rivals and the derby where the incident was filmed finished 0-0.

Netizen ‘samvisee’ commented: “I don’t believe it.”

While ‘Louie Burton’ added: “Hahaha that’s gotta be a first in a stadium?!”

Alex Cope

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