Famous Son Accused Of Becoming Japanese Whacko Jacko

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

A dark-haired Asian man who is the son of a famous baseball star has been branded the Japanese Whacko Jacko over allegations that skin lighteners and plastic surgery turned him into a blond European doll.

Top model ‘Matt’ Kuwata is the son of pro-baseball player Masumi Kuwata, a household name in his native Japan.

The pitcher began his professional career with the Yomiuri Giants in 1986, and even played Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2008.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire/@mattkuwata_official2018 & AsiaWire/@T12435 & AsiaWire

The Japanese star has two sons, 26-year-old Masaki who plays for a minor baseball team, and 24-year-old Masashi who rechristened himself Matt.

He mostly works as a male model promoting wedding wear and gained notoriety for drastically altering his appearance since leaving school, with some accusing him of trying to look European.

Now sporting fair hair, pale skin and blue eyes, Matt’s doll-like look has even drawn comparisons to Michael Jackson, who was plagued with rumours for most of his adult life that he was bleaching his skin and intentionally trying to look ‘white’.

While Matt has not officially confirmed that he has gone under the knife to obtain his unusual look, the model often shares his thoughts on beauty products and salon treatments for his 19,300 Instagram followers.

Netizens had a lot to say about the controversial look of Masumi Kuwata’s youngest son.

Social media user ‘X+B1cYqUd1010’ commented: “He looks like Michael Jackson.”

‘R4NIa1010’ said: “He’s holding onto the same darkness as Michael huh!”

‘DjQZ01010’ wrote: “What in the world is he aiming for?”

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