Famous Fat Ballerina Does Naked Splits In The Snow

Story By: Sergey Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A prima ballerina famously sacked from the Bolshoi Ballet company for being too fat has posted a photo of her doing the splits in the snow while completely naked.

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Picture Credit CEN/volochkova_art
Anastasia Volochkova, 42, posted the two snaps alongside the message: “This is dedicated to anyone who has missed my trademark splits. Even though it is freezing cold, I will do it all the same.”

However, not many fans were impressed with her stunt. Fishesgold’ commented: “I feel ashamed of her, she is a disgrace to our people.”

‘Lenaveniamonivna’ wrote: “Even prostitutes do not do anything like this to promote themselves!”

‘Nataliruss’ said: “Your gynaecologist will have work to do.”

Volochkova recently showed off an outrageously-large diamond and sapphire ring valued at 1.15 million GBP.

She told local media that the ring was given to her as a present from her new boyfriend, whose name she refused to disclose.

She uploaded an image of her wearing the large ring to social media where it almost takes up half of her hand.

The 42-year-old told local media: “What a beauty isn’t it? I am wearing 1.5 million USD on my finger thanks to my boyfriend. I deserve it for all the calluses I have had on my feet during years in the ballet.”

Volochkova loves to prove that she has lost none of her flexibility by performing the splits in the most unexpected places.

She recently did the splits on a jetski while holidaying in Turkey.

She also likes to share sexy snaps of her wearing swimwear for her 918,000 Instagram followers.

Volochkova was suddenly sacked by the Bolshoi Ballet company in early 2000 for being overweight.

The story made the international headlines and Volochkova was successfully reinstated following a court challenge.

However, although she remained on the company’s payroll, she never danced for them again and soon launched a successful solo career.

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