Family-Of-6 Plunge Off Cliff In Car After Hitting Dog

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a car carrying a family of six hurtles off the edge of a cliff and crashes to the ground far below after reportedly hitting a dog.

The incident took place in the district of Yaylardagi in the southern Turkish district of Hatay when a family-of-six was coming back from visiting a relative.

In the grainy CCTV footage, a car is seen spiralling from the top of a cliff to the ground below in a huge cloud of dust.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The car appears to land on its boot before flipping over and coming to a rest on its roof.

According to local media, a dog ran out into the road and driver Suleyman Donmez instinctively tried to avoid it.

However, he struck the dog and lost control of the vehicle, plummeting 40 metres (131 feet) from the cliff to the ground below.

Reports said that a passerby saw the accident and immediately called the emergency services.

A team of firefighters attended the six family members in the overturned vehicle and paramedics gave them first aid before transferring them to the Hatay State Hospital in an ambulance.

There have been no further updates on their condition.

Meanwhile, the local authorities have confirmed that they have launched an investigation.

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