Family Find Lost Dog 50 Miles Away 2 Months Later

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This is the heartwarming moment a family is reunited with their lost dog by chance outside a restaurant more than 50 miles away after the poor pooch was dog-napped two months earlier.

The incident was filmed in the north-western Turkish province of Bartin and posted on Instagram where it is going viral with 917,000 views in one day.

According to local media, the dog was found by chance when the owner’s son was visiting Bartin and spotted a dog that looked a lot like ‘Leo’, which had been allegedly stolen from their home in the province of Zonguldak two months previously.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The unnamed son spotted the pooch, which had been adopted by the family after they found it as a stray, in the nearby province of Bartin and immediately called his dad.

The family travelled to the area and found Leo sitting outside a restaurant where the dog was reportedly being cared for by locals.

Leo’s owner Ahmet Zeki Arac said: “We called them on the phone. It was my dog for real! I was so happy.”

In the heartwarming footage, Leo appears to instantly recognise his smiling family members as they approach the dog on the pavement.

The pleased pooch is seen jumping up at its owners who are unable to contain their excitement.

Arac told local media that his three dogs were taken earlier this year and he is still trying to find Lens and Maya.

He added: “It is very strange, from Zonguldak [province] to Bartin. Why are people taking dogs and leaving them in other locations? We try to look after our animals as best we can.”

The distance between Zonguldak and Bartin in 87.7km (54.49 miles)

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