FALLING PROPERTY MARKET: House Seen Crashing Into Rain-Swollen River

This is the moment when a home slowly leans forward and then comes crashing down into a flooded river in Brazil.

Cries of shock can be heard as onlookers film the drama unfolding in Sao Paulo on 29th January.

Footage filmed from two different angles shows how the illegal build in the Jardim Etelvina suburb came crashing into the waterway.

Items that had been inside the home seconds earlier can be seen being washed away by the raging torrent.

The building was apparently empty when it fell and no injuries were reported.

Several instances of flooding were reported in Sao Paulo after it was battered by heavy rains.

A house falls into flooded street, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2023. The property was already condemned and there were no injuries. (CEN)

In one part of the city, firefighters had to use a dinghy to rescue stranded people and animals.

Flooding was so severe in parts that only the roofs of parked cars could be seen above the waterline.

As of 9pm on 29th January, the Fire Department had received 104 calls about falling trees, 160 calls about flooding, and 21 calls about landslides or collapses.

More thunderstorms are expected in coming days.