Fairgoers Work To Stop Tower Falling Onto Cable Cars

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Video Credit: CEN/@Nacho_Vertebra

This is the moment onlookers battle to stop a metal tower at a funfair falling on top of passengers stuck on a cable car ride before they are rescued and returned to solid ground.

The incident took place at the National Fair of Durango, located in the city of Durango, in the north central western Mexican state of the same name when the cable-car tower began tilting and almost fell completely.

In the video, onlookers can be seen working to push the metal tower back upright and revellers can be seen stranded in cable cars.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@Nacho_Vertebra & CEN/@Kimberlyhuizar & CEN

Another clip shows a girl being helped down from the cable car, lowering herself down into a group of onlookers you help her down safely.

And another video shows onlookers climbing the metal tower to help a child and adult stranded high on a cable car, carefully helping them onto the tower and climb down to safety.

Video Credit: CEN/@Kimberlyhuizar

One social media user wrote: “The mechanics at the Durango fair were only a few from collapsing, this footage is viral. Tonight, in at the attractions area of the fair on the cable car, with passengers, one of its towers collapsed and people avoided the accident.”

The organisers of the fair wrote on social media: “The incident was caused by the carelessness of children who were balancing and hit one of the towers with force, which caused it to incline.”

“We should mention that this attraction does not have strong movements, the Civil Protection were there and fortunately nothing happened.”

The State Coordination of Civil Protection reported that the incident was caused by children on the cable cars moving with force, causing the car to crash against the tower, making it incline.

After the inspection, it was noticed that the main tower did not have the proper anchor and the tower had inclined 10 centimetres from its original place. A failure in the electrical current in the cables caused the cars to stop and the attraction has been closed.

Reports state five people were trapped on the attraction but all of them were saved and not injured.

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