Ex Severs Womans Fingers As He Hacks Her Head 19 Times

Story By: John Feng, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


A woman is in a critical condition after being hacked at with a blade so violently that even some of her fingers were severed as she tried in vain to protect herself.

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Picture Credits: AsiaWire

Huang Shengmei, who is hospitalised at Guihang No 300 Hospital, is now in a medically induced coma and still fighting for her life following the attack on 15th January.

Huang had reportedly been standing at a bus stop in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province in south-western China, when her ex-boyfriend, surnamed Zhang, called out to her from behind.

As she turned around, Zhang, 45, allegedly began hacking at her head and face with a blade. Huang tried to shield her face with her hands but several of her fingers were severed or broken in the process.

Zhang is believed to have fled the scene after the incident, leaving Huang covered in her own blood and her flesh mangled from the attack.

Doctors say Huang was admitted with 19 knife wounds on her head and face. She also suffered from a fractured skull and intracranial haemorrhaging. 

She has since undergone a craniotomy and was put in a medically induced coma from which she is expected to wake after at least 14 days.

Her treatment has been estimated to cost more than 500,000 RMB (56,885 GBP).

The victim’s family said she and Zhang had only been dating for a month, during which time she found him to be “paranoid” and “hard to get along with”.

When she tried to end their relationship, Zhang reportedly not only refused to accept her decision, he also went on to threaten the lives of Huang and her family members.

One text sent to Huang’s brother read: “As long as I live, I promise to collect the corpse of Huang Shengmei.”

Police say Zhang turned himself in and is being investigated over the attack.