Ex Of Pretty Lawyer Found Dead In 2018 May Finally Face Justice As Cops Rule Out Suicide

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

The parents of this beautiful young lawyer found dead on a vacant plot of land in 2018 hope her ex-fiance will be brought to justice after finally being charged with her death.

The dead body of Jordana Fraga Martins David, 22, was found by her own mother on the vacant plot of land next to her parents’ house in the Brazilian municipality of Itaberai in October 2018.

The case was originally treated as suicide. However, following a long investigation, Luis Felipe Silva Lima was accused of killing his ex-fiance and deceiving the police.


He is formally charged with homicide, fraud, possession of stolen goods and criminal possession of a weapon, as he allegedly used a stolen firearm to carry out the crime.

Lima’s lawyer, Tadeu Bastos, has maintained that his client is innocent.

He told news site G1: “The expert reports led to dubious and hasty conclusions.” He added: “Security cameras show that Luis Felipe was at home at the time of the incident.”


The victim’s father, Roberto Campos David, however, told G1: “The case was concluded, it was confirmed that my daughter was killed, something we’ve known since day one.”

He added: “What I want, what my daughter wants, what my wife wants, all of society, is that the culprit or culprits pay for what they’ve done.”

Jordana had recently qualified as a lawyer and she was found dead shortly after popping out of her parents’ house to buy tonic water in the early afternoon on the day of the crime.


Her relationship with Lima was described as troubled and was reportedly marked by frequent fights.

The investigation is being finalised. However, the motive of the crime still remains unknown.

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