Ex-Cops WPC GF Found Dismembered In Satanic Killing

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A former cop has been arrested for murdering and dismembering his ex-police officer girlfriend after her body was found dumped in bags next to an altar in a killing dubbed “satanic” by local media.

The former police officer, named in reports as Jose Francisco, 34, was arrested at a home in the delegation of Gustavo A. Madero, in Mexico City, Mexican capital.

Local media report his father, reportedly also a former cop, had reported to the authorities that his son and his son’s girlfriend had not been seen out of their room for a while.

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The father said that he had heard some noises coming from inside the room in the early morning and police officers then went to the house.

The cops are said to have found blood marks and two plastic bags with the remains of the victim, whose name has not been revealed but she was aged between 30 and 35. The suspect was found inside the house and arrested.

He reportedly told investigators that both he and his girlfriend were cops and local media report her body had been dismembered. Investigators reportedly found several altars in the room where her body was found and the suspect’s father said the couple had been followers of the Santeria religion, an Afro-American religion of Yoruba origin.

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Local media reported that Elegua figures (Elegua is an Orisha, a deity of roads in the Santeria religion) were found in the house as well as offering to Yoruba religions and collars.

Local media has widely called the killing Satanic although no links to Satanism have been reported. It is unclear why the terminology is being widely used.

The prosecution is investigating the case as a homicide, and it is ongoing. It is not clear if the suspect has been charged.

Picture Credit: CEN

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