Evil BF Kung-Fu Kicks Twerking Girl In Face On Stage

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This is the moment a woman is twerking on stage at a show when a man – reportedly her boyfriend- runs up to her and brutally kicks her in the face.

The shocking incident was recorded by onlookers during a show by singer ‘O Poeta’ at the Clube VIP venue in the city of Pojuca in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Bahia and reports suggest the boyfriend kicked his lover in the face as he was angry she was dancing.

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In the video, the woman, who has not been named in reports, can be seen twerking on stage, shaking her behind in front of a crowd of onlookers.

A man in a red t-shirt then runs onto the stage and brutal kicks her in the face. Security guards then grab the man and Jhon Santana, one of the producers of the show, told local media: “The two are boyfriend and girlfriend and he was jealous because she had gone onto the stage and started dancing.

Video Credit:CEN

“After the aggression, he was detained by the security guards at the event who took the appropriate measures.”

Singer ‘O Poeta’ released a statement on social media condemning the incident. The statement read: “If you are sexist, a coward, prejudiced and cannot accept seeing a woman dancing on stage, don’t follow me on Instagram or any other social media, don’t come to O Poeta shows!

Video Credit:CEN

“Even better, don’t leave your house, society and women don’t deserve to live with people like that, you don’t deserve to be a fan of O Poeta.”

Local media report it is unclear if a police investigation has been launched into the incident.

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