Eurovision Babe Shows Calluses After Hard Days Work

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

This beautiful pop star and former Eurovision contestant linked to Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann has shown off calluses on her feet after a long day of work.

Blonde Svetlana Loboda, 37, who represented Ukraine at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, posted the photo of the calluses on her foot for her loyal army of 5.5 million followers.

She said: “I flew to Mexico for three days to pick up my kids, and after a 17-hour flight I immediately left for a rehearsal for my two new projects and finally finished at 3.30 am.


“Then I got up at 8 am and had a fitting for new costumes and left for another rehearsal. After five hours of rehearsals, it was time to get ready for the – final rehearsal, make-up, proper hair and then the performance. I got home by one am, laid down on the heated floor in the bathroom and spent the next couple of hours like that because as was unable to move my legs or hands.”

The pop star then concluded: “Do you still think that being an artist is so attractively easy?”

Netizens were quick to chime in with their opinions following her post.


Netizen ‘k_s_u_b’ said: “Any job is exhausting if you are giving your best. You are incredible and doing a top-notch job.”

‘lanochka_swet’ added: “Maybe it is not the easiest job, but it is totally worth it.”

‘nikulina5160’ commented: “Do you think that the job of a coal miner is easier than yours? The only difference is that they get pennies for it.”


The mum-of-two rarely speaks about her private life despite being romantically linked with Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann, 56, for a long time.

Lindemann is believed to be the father of her one-year-old tot, Tilda.

A year after the birth, when she was hospitalised with a bladder infection, the German frontman cut off filming for his latest music video in order to travel to Moscow to see her, according to reports.

Local media said the couple is often seen arm-in-arm in public, but they refuse to discuss the exact details of their relationship.

They reportedly met at the Zhara music festival in Baku in Azerbaijan.

As well as Tilda, Loboda has a daughter, Evangelina, from a previous relationship with a dancer that ended in 2014.

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