Etoo Could Face Grave Sanctions If No Show To DNA Test

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

Former Chelsea ace Samuel Eto’o has been summoned to a DNA test by court order after a 20-year-old girl claimed to be is his biological daughter and he could face serious sanctions if he is a no-show.

Former Cameroon international Eto’o, 38, was ordered to the DNA test after student Erika do Rosario, 20, claimed to be the footballer’s biological daughter after her mother Adileusa do Rosario met Eto’o in the Spanish capital Madrid in 1997.

According to reports, the former Barcelona and Everton marksman has been summoned to carry out the DNA test in Madrid on 16th March at 11 AM local time.


Local media report Eto’o could face “grave sanctions” if he does not go as he has failed to appear in court after being summoned for the same paternity case.

Do Rosario spoke with local media and said: “The young girl has to go to university. Expenses increase at home because I also have another daughter.

“I realise it is quite silly that having a father that can take care of her. She also wants to know more about her father and for him to acknowledge her.”


The 20-year-old student also spoke with local media and said she felt “nervous” as she knew “little more” about her father besides pictures and stories from her mother.

When Erika was asked if she wanted to meet Eto’o she said: “More my family because I do not really trust him to really get to know him if he has not even shown up to the trials.

“But I would like to have contact with my siblings.”

Earlier this year, the Cameroonian icon was ordered to pay 1,400 EUR (1,266 GBP) to Erika every month. However, he has reportedly failed to make a single payment which has led a judge to declare him in contempt of court.

Reports said that the sum was a temporary arrangement to help with the current financial situation of the teen and her mum until a final verdict is reached.

Rosario’s lawyer Fernando Osuna previously said the player “refuses to recognise Erika” and that they have “a lot of proof” to make their case that Eto’o is her dad.

The teen claims that her mother met the footballer in a Madrid nightclub in 1997 when he played for Leganes on-loan from Real Madrid.

If Erika do Rosario’s claims are true, she will be the footballer’s seventh confirmed child.

After more than 20 years as a player, Eto’o announced his retirement late last year. He played for 11 teams and won 18 club and national team trophies as well as numerous individual awards.

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