Emergency Operations Continue in Turkey

Medical teams continuesto provide non-stop medical support to victims of the Turkey Earthquake.

Field hospitals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provide medical services to 930 people, including 167 minors in Turkey. A 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck the district of Pazarcik in Kahramanmaras Province at 4.17am on 6th February 2023. (@azerbaycanfhn/Newsflash )

This video shows volunteers from Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev who had called Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on 6th February 2023 in the wake of the Turkish earthquake to offer support.

He further ordered the mobile field hospitals under the Ministry of Emergency Situations to support the earthquake victims in Kahramanmaras and other affected areas in Turkey.

According to news agency Interfax, as of 7th February 2023, the Azerbaijani’s Defense Ministry deployed 20 army medical personnel.

Similarly, the Ministry of Emergency Situations also deployed 41 medical and non-medical professional personnel and a mobile field hospital. Relief materials were also taken to the earthquake site.

Some 930 people, including 167 minors, have benefited from the comprehensive Azerbaijan mobile field hospital medical care and treatment facilities.

Today, the Turkish Ministry claims that about 18 other countries have supported providing medical assistance to the earthquake-impacted regions.

All these countries, including Azerbaijan, have created 22 field hospitals in the southern region of Turkey. According to World Health Organization, the Turkish Emergency Medical Team coordinates these countries approved 29 Emergency Medical Teams to support the quake victims.

Okan Çakal, a Turkey EMT active disaster unit member, describes the magnitude of the tremors in an interview with WHO, saying, “This emergency is one of the biggest disasters to befall our country. For this reason, we can say that it is the most difficult task our team has ever faced.”

The tremors impacted Kahramanmaras, and the shock extends to 10 other provinces in Turkey, claiming over 42,000 lives at the moment, according to Turkey’s disaster management agency.