Elephants Beaten And Jabbed With Hooks At Sick Festival

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/PETA Asia

This is the moment animal trainers whack elephants with sticks and jab them with bullhooks to make them perform games and rides during a sick festival in Nepal.

The incident was filmed at the Chitwan Elephant Festival in the district of Chitwan in southern Nepal and was shared on social media by the NGO People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/PETA Asia

Despite festival organisers claiming that measures have been introduced to stop animal abuse, such as banning bullhooks, also called elephant goads, the footage appears to show abusive practices still continuing.

In the footage, animal handlers are seen repeatedly hitting the elephants with sticks while jabbing them with the sharp bullhooks.

Reports said the elephants were jabbed on their sensitive ears to make them play football or give rides to visitors.

“They should focus tourism on the amazing local culture and leave the animals alone.”

Baker added: “It is impossible to ride elephants and force them to play these meaningless ‘games’ without abuse.”

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/PETA Asia

According to local media, PETA activists took an elephant mascot to a demonstration outside the Department of Tourism where they called on the Nepalese government to stop supporting animal abuse by ending the Chitwan Elephant Festival with immediate effect.

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