Ear-Shattering Boom As Gas Blast Sends Debris Flying

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A CCTV camera has captured the moment an exploding gas cylinder blows out a family’s kitchen walls and engulfs their flat in flames – leaving a mother with 90-percent burns.

The gas blast has left a teenage boy and his grandfather suffering from burn injuries, while his mother remains critical with burns on 90 percent of her body.

The shocking accident happened just before dawn in the district of Lushunkou, which is in the coastal city of Dalian in north-eastern China’s Liaoning Province, at 5:38am local time on 9th October.

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In security footage of a road and several parked cars, the loud blast can be heard ringing through the streets, shattering windows and sending debris crashing to the ground.

Video captured by nearby residents shows the family’s residential building and their damaged fourth-floor home, which is ablaze with growing flames and dark plumes of smoke spewing out of a gap where their kitchen wall used to be.

The city’s Emergency Management Office said the explosion happened following a suspected gas leak, with the shock wave shattering windows on all five floors of the residential block.

Large panes of glass belonging to a hotel across the street were also shattered in the explosion.

Rescuers sent the three family members as well as two injured neighbours to hospital, while the fire service put out the flames some 20 minutes later, officials said.

Wang Hong, head of the burn ward at the Dalian Fourth People’s Hospital, said the boy and his grandad had 20-percent and 30-percent burns on their bodies.

The teenager’s mum, however, remains in intensive care.

Doctor Wang said: “She has burns on 90 percent of her body, as well as broken bones.

“She is the most seriously injured victim, and she is still critical and not yet stable.”

The two injured neighbours are not believed to be in any life-threatening condition.

Officials said the blast and fire damaged an area of 645 square feet.

The precise cause of the accident is still being investigated.

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