Dying Spain Woman Tweets Final Hours As Drs Ignore Her

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This young woman has reportedly died of double pneumonia – tweeting her final hours as doctors allegedly failed to give her proper care because she did not show COVID-19 symptoms.

Liliana Gimenez, 44, died on 7th April after being admitted to intensive care in the town of La Falda in the northern Argentine province of Cordoba.

She was hospitalised after suffering with a high fever for over a week and the cause of death was deemed to be double pneumonia, according to local media.

Reports said that Gimenez tested negative for COVID-19.

She posted regular updates on social media and one of her friends said that she was “terrified” about what she might have contracted.

One tweet read: “I don’t feel well and I asked my husband to see if he could see two small spots of blood on the pillow and he laughed. Please hold the literary references.”

In another message, Gimenez apparently joked by saying “38.3, goodbye friends, I loved you”, referring to her temperature.

She then went on to tweet: “Update, last night, 39.6 despite taking paracetamol. APROSS (Provincial Administration of Social Services) told me to increase the dosage but to NOT GO to a health centre. I don’t qualify for COVID-19.”

According to reports, Gimenez qualified for provincial healthcare because she worked as a school literature teacher.

Another tweet said: “I have been in bed for so long my calves spasm after taking two steps.”

After eventually seeing a medic, she said: “Eight days of fever and I got a medic to stop by. Due to coronavirus, if you have a fever you have to ‘wait for other symptoms’ to appear and I am starting to. Phlegm, how I love you.”

Her final tweet said: “After nine days of agony because of the healthcare system, I am finally being hospitalised. Kisses to all.”

Local media said she was taken to hospital where a chest X-Ray revealed that her lungs had been seriously affected by pneumonia. She died the following day. It is still unclear what caused her fever, although pneumonia is a known coronavirus complication.

The victim’s brother Hernan Gimenez told local media: “They were asking how she was feeling and prescribed medication.

“I think it is terrible that they underestimated a patient’s high fever over the phone. It is crazy that APOSS does not have a home medical service or an ambulance.”

According to local media, APOSS is investigating the matter to determine whether medical negligence took place.

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